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Do you need financing to operate a leasehold business in the leisure industry?

We specialise in acquiring unsecured loans for businesses who leasehold or have no collateral.

Unsecured Business Loans

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Hassle Free

No confusing questions, jargon or extensive phone calls, we handle everything for you.

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There’s no need for an extensive collateral evaluation which makes the application move much faster.

No Collateral

Businesses don’t need to put newly purchased valuable assets on the line, making it a much safer option with lower risk.

Business Ownership

None of your equity will be shared with investors, and you will retain full ownership of your business.

Lend from £10k up to
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Finance for Leisure Swansea

We specialise in Leisure Finance Swansea and have more than 25 years of expertise financing a variety of industries. With access to a large range of small business finance lenders, you can lend between £10k – £1 million. View examples of some of the leisure businesses we work with below.

leisure finance for health centres

Finance for Health Centres

Commercial finance for health centres and spas can help you expand your business to the wanted level.

An unsecured loan might give you the essential advancement if your spa or health facility needs new equipment. No confusion, just a dedicated plan catered to you and your business. Get in touch today to speak to us about Leisure Financing in Swansea and see how easily you can lend the funds you need to grow your business.

Finance for Members Clubs

Private members clubs such as country clubs or smaller community members clubs are constantly in need of updating the equipment for their customers.

Being able to quickly secure funding from one of our many lenders allows for the modern day club owner to provide a better service through newer equipment, more effective marketing, or physically expand as required.

Whether you’re an established business, or are a new business looking for a start up loan, we can help and will manage the whole application process for you.

leisure financing
unsecured loans for businesses
finance for leisure clubs

Finance for Leisure Clubs

A leisure club could be a selection of things, but typically consist of gyms, swimming pools and spas.

As with everything, leisure clubs will eventually need maintenance and upgrades. Being able to quickly pump a certain amount of cash into your company enables much-needed upgrades to be made at a moment’s notice, helping you keep and attract new clients.

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