Commercial Finance for Businesses in Manchester

Funding for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Commercial finance can provide fast and affordable access to the funding that businesses need to grow, evolve and diversify.

Funding for Businesses Manchester – Specialist Sectors

We provide funding for businesses in Manchester and the rest of the UK across all sectors, and particularly specialise in the below industries:

What is Commercial Finance?

Commercial finance refers to a range of business funding solutions, usually loans, that can be used to cover almost any expense. A typical commercial finance loan could be used by a business to enhance their services, products and offerings, expand into international markets or purchase a commercial property.

Commercial finance offers a fast solution and invaluable lifeline for small to large businesses with limited cash reserves, giving them to opportunity to grow and evolve.

At Specialist Business Finance, we specialise in unsecured business loans, which gives the flexibility of securing funding without the need of listing your assets against the loan. None of your equity will be shared with investors, and you will retain full ownership of your business.

Get in touch today to enquire about Funding for Business in Manchester. We make things as easy as possible – no confusing jargon and no extensive questions, we can take care of the whole application process for you.

Lend from £10,000 to
Maximum loan advance

Funding For Businesses Manchester

Here are some of the Solutions Available for commercial finance:

Specialist commercial finance loans
Development finance solutions
Business credit cards and loans
Bridging finance
Crowd-funding and P2P lending
Commercial mortgages
Invoice factoring
Business overdrafts

Why use Commercial Property Finance?

Commercial finance can commonly be used to purchase a property, and there are three main categories which are listed below. If you’d like to know more about applying for a Manchester commercial property loan, get in touch with us today.

Industrial use

Industrial units, factories, warehouses and agricultural property.

Leisure / retail

Shopping centres, supermarkets, retail warehouses, high street shops, car showrooms, pubs and restaurants etc.


Offices constructed for this purpose including additional amenities and services such as parking etc.

When might you seek Commercial Finance in Manchester

We provide funding for businesses in Manchester and the rest of the UK who need financial support to grow. Some reasons businesses use a commercial loan are:

Purchasing a Property – Perhaps your business is expanding and needs a larger office or perhaps you want to open a new regional branch. The big question is whether to rent or buy a new premises. Owning your workspace gives you much more control as opposed to renting, and the money you spend on the building increases your company’s assets rather than a landlord’s.

Growing Your Business – If you’d like to invest in expanding your operations via, whether that’s through new technologies, equipment, premises, marketing, or other expenses, finding a lender who can provide commercial funding for businesses could be the injection you need to boost your company.

Commercial Property Loan

Owning your Workspace

Owning your workspace gives you greater control than renting and gives you opportunity to grow your capital.

If your business is in the market to buy a building but you aren’t able to buy outright, a commercial property loan may be the perfect option for you. Our team are here to help you find the best possible deal and the right solution for your business. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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